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About EuroFoam Team

EuroBead Insulation are delighted to announce that they are entering the high specialised spray foam market. EuroBead are market leaders in bonded bead insulation for cavity wall construction and also specialise in attic insulation. EuroBead manufacture their bonded bead system at a specialised manufacturing facility which is operated to the highest standard to ensure a high quality product for our customers.

We have also put a lot of effort into our value added products for our customers. We have introduced products like the EuroHood – insulation for the attic hatch door, EuroTank – insulation for the cold water storage tank, and also specialise in pipe lagging, draft proofing, walkway construction all of which help to make EuroBead the market leading installer of insulation in Ireland.

EuroFoam a subsidiary arm of the EuroBead empire will specialise in Open Cell & Closed Cell foam for residential, commercial & industrial projects. EuroFoam is a spray applied foam insulation. As it is sprayed it expands 100 times its initial volume to fill every crevice, virtually eliminating air leakage, convection and airborne moisture movement. EuroFoam is totally cured in 20 seconds and can be covered almost immediately. Excess material can be easily trimmed after application. There is virtually no mess left when EuroFoam is installed.

Denis O’Connell Managing Director of EuroBead added. "We are delighted to be entering the highly specialised market of Spray Foam insulation. We believe that our high standard of work that has been experienced by our customers with EuroBead will ensure that all EuroFoam customers will receive a high quality product & service”

As one of the founder members of the National Insulation Association of Ireland (NIAI) EuroBead have been at the forefront to raise standards within the industry to ensure all customers receive the highest quality possible.

We have also teamed up with Duncan Stewart to bring you our weekly blog on good environmental and energy practice in the home. This blog offers free advice that is easy to implement and does not cost a fortune. Log on to and have a look around. Read the articles and leave your comments. This resource is for you so that you can get involved in turning the tables on global warming. It is the responsibility of all of us to make a change.


News from EuroFoam

EuroExternal are hosting an Info Evening in Tertiary Hall, Claddagh Church on Thursday 23rd Feb from 7-9PM
Friday, February 17, 2012

EuroExternal are hosting an Info Evening in Tertiary Hall, Claddagh Church on Thursday 23rd Feb from 7-9PM , Our Technical Experts will be available to answer any of your queries & we will have a presentation on the night also. SEAI Grants available of up to €3,600 FreePhone 1800 813 813 for more info.

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